Statement on the Special Master’s Report on the City Attorney’s Office in the DWP Billing Class Action Lawsuit

The findings of the Special Master regarding the City Attorney’s Office’s handling of the class action lawsuit on DWP billing overcharges are very troubling.  The City Attorney’s Office, and individual attorneys named in the Report, have disputed the findings of the Special Master.  And the State Bar has confirmed that it will conduct its own review of the Report.  So the investigation has not yet concluded.
DWP ratepayers and our city’s residents are entitled to the facts.  At the same time, the attorneys named in the Report are entitled to due process and to equal treatment under the law.
As City Attorney, I will insure that internal systems are in place that prohibit the ability, and eliminate any incentive, of our lawyers, including outside counsel, to create, promote, or participate in any legal strategy or settlement procedure that could violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or any law.